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The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison - The Membership Guys EPISODE 316, 27th July 2021
316 - Why People Aren't Joining Your Membership Site
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316 - Why People Aren't Joining Your Membership Site

Is your membership not attracting enough members? Are you wondering where you’re going wrong?

In this episode, we cover nine of the most common reasons why people don’t sign up for a membership site. There might be something you haven’t thought of yet, so this episode should give you some food for thought.

Tune in to see if you’re guilty of any of these mistakes and find out ways to fix them. Find out whether your membership struggles are down to market need, lack of research, competition or pricing.

Essential Learning Points:        

  • The importance of directly asking for the sale
  • Why you need to ensure your membership is valuable and needed
  • Why thorough research is the bedrock of any successful membership
  • Niching down vs. being too broad
  • Why trust is so important in memberships

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Key Quotes:

“People don't join memberships to stand still. They join because they have a result they want to achieve. They have a transformation they want to undergo and a goal they want to hit. So, you need to break it down as clearly as possible, how your membership will help them.”

“If you're not established, if you don't have a body of work, some content they can read or listen to, recommendations, or social proof, then your audience might be more hesitant to do business with you.”

“Trust is everything in business, especially with a membership site, because they're not just buying one thing from you today. They are entering into an ongoing relationship with you.”