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#35 "Open the pod bay doors, HAL" Best Technology Debate
Episode 355th March 2020 • The Reel Debaters Podcast • The Reel Debaters Podcast
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How many times have we watched a movie with a really great piece of technology only to leave the theatre and realize it'll be 50 years before it's even possible never mind sold retail?

This week The Reel Debaters tackle their inner geek and find out if its replicator or flux capacitor for the win.

Scenario: You're off to collage and you've got some extra cash to spend on whatever you want for your dorm room. What piece of tech from ANY movie would you want to "purchase", how much are you willing to pay for it, why do you want it and what's the first thing you are doing with it?

Rules: Said device must fit in your dorm room. Deloreans are off limits people.

Trailer of the week: Bloodshot (2020)

This week in the living room is Chris Stanton, Micheal Petrow, returning comedian and podcaster Dan Goldberg and making her first appearance on the show comedian Danielle Kayahara.

Check out Dan Goldberg's podcast right [here](!

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Cast & Crew

**Casting has changed over the years, current enrollment in the debater-verse can be seen below***

- Executive Producer, Editor, Mixer Captain of the USS Debater Micheal Petrow Genres: 90's/Early 2000's ..Actually just everything.

- Co-Host/Co-Producer and Comedian Commander Martin Navarro. Genres: Sci fi/Fantasy/Animation

- Co-Host/Co-Producer and Comedian Lieutenant Commander Jimmy Skinner Genres: Horror and B Movies

- Co-Host/Co-Producer Pop Culture Officer Mark Cowell Genres: Blockbuster, Popcorn Movies

 -Co-Host/Co-Producer Visual Arts Officer Rob Strachan Genres: Contemporary, Classic, and Blockbuster

 -Co-Host and Nerd/Geekdom Officer Charles Fernandes Genres: Marvel and DC. Superhero and Comic book

 -Co-Host and Entertainment Officer Ian Bawa Genres: Short, Independent, Contemporary and Art-house

 -Co-Host And Female First Officer Emily Clarke Genres: Strong Female lead, Marvel and DC, Contemporary and blockbuster


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