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Q2Q Talks Safety for Cis and Trans Women on Texas Sets
Episode 710th October 2022 • Queer 2 Queer Cast • Collin Miller
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Q2Q is proud to partner with "Women in Film Dallas" and local filmmaker, Chaselyn Wade (@chaselynwade), for a very special episode about the safety of cis and trans women on Texas film sets and beyond. We're honored to be joined by team members Gail Cronauer (@gailcronauer), Tiffany Vollmer (@theogbulma), and Lisa Dalton (, all of whom offer empowerment, promotion, and mentorship for those who are lucky enough to work with them. "Listen in" is not only the key to unlocking their insightful voices on this episode, but it's the action item we hope to leave you with once the episode concludes. Listen to the voices of people who don't identify as you do, and together we can build a better world. We think this is a good place to begin if you seek education about harassment, resources for safer productions, or recommended channels through which you can offer aid to those vulnerable artists working under the pressures of a profoundly imperfect system. Thank you for joining us!

Please support your local minority voices and DFW artists. One way to do that, and have a bit of fun in the process, is by attending the premiere of "Dr. Kim Hunter and the Apparition" at "Look Dine-In Cinemas" (10110 Technology Blvd. Dallas, TX 75220) on October 13 at 6pm Central. The film stars and was directed by Chaselyn Wade! Tickets can be purchased here:

Please visit and take a look at the many wonderful upcoming programs and events that these talented filmmakers are bringing to DFW. Tickets for the fast-approaching "Topaz Film Festival" are available on the front page of their website.




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