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Having-ness: Allowing ourselves to have both the good and the bad
Episode 91st February 2022 • A Lone Traveler's Guide to the Divine • Amanda Lux
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Episode Summary

How do we allow ourselves to truly have our experiences fully and completely? Both the positive and the negative ones, both the blissful and the harrowing, without judgement. 

Just allowing.

In this Episode Amanda Lux explores this inquiry through poetry, dreams, and story including:

  • A demonstration of how she works her dreams in relation to the chakra system elementally with Elemental Dream Mapping
  • An intimate exploration around unconscious behaviors that block ones ability to receive and be present with one's experiences
  • And a poem on having-ness that is read out loud to music. 


"All the things that we experience in life, both the positive and the negative are valuable to our personal growth.

and, In every healer's journey, there are trials that help us to become more self-realized , and that's sort of , an ongoing theme in this podcast. How do we meet those obstacles with humility and vulnerability so that others can learn and grow along side us"? 

Listen to find out! 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Closing time 

Music from Uppbeat


Music from Uppbeat

Alone/All One by Amanda Lux