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Lessons In Confidence and The Value Of A Great Suit, With Dawn Melon & Brent Lob.
Episode 2037th October 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Do You Need A Personal Stylist?

In this slightly different episode of Business Lunch With Roland Frasier, two high-performance stylists discuss how to look and feel the part. Brent Lob and Dawn Melon have client lists that read like a “who’s who,” and there’s a reason for that. Their clients understand that you can buy Confidence.

If you really need to look the part, or feel the part, to succeed in your business, it might be time to consider a Personal Stylist. Our guests talk with Roland about your image’s role in how you’re perceived and, ultimately, in your success.

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“Your body, your mind, has a psychological, physical response to what you’re wearing. And when you look like you’re supposed to be in charge and be knowledgeable and be credible then than you are. Scrap the sweat pants (even if you’re on a zoom call) and put on something that makes you feel good and projects the image that you want.” Dawn Melon

Listen For

• When is it right for someone to consider a personal stylist?

“Anybody who needs to really look the part is really somebody who needs a stylist.” Dawn Melon.

  • The strategies they each use to build trust with her clients.

“We find out their wants and needs. And at that point, we fulfill them”. Brent Lob

“I built trust with them by taking what they have that’s good and building on it and then making minor changes.” Dawn Melon.

  • The value of a long-term approach with every customer.
Lessons In Confidence
  • The role of Confidence in sales and perception.

“If you cannot take and show these individuals the confidence that you know exactly what you’re doing, you’re going to lose.” Brent Lob

Brents Top Tip 

“It takes time. You have to have the talent. You’re like an artist. Take it in. And master what you’re doing, and the rewards will be phenomenal.” Brent Lob

Dawns Top Tip

 “Confidence is the most important thing that a woman can wear. And when you take those things that I’ve just described, when you help a woman or a man wear appropriate clothes that are flattering, that portray the image that that person wants to portray, inherently that Confidence comes through.” Dawn Melon.

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