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The Whole Marketer Ep128 - Burnout with guest Briony Gunson
18th June 2024 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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Episode #128. The Burnout Miniseries ep5 – The last episode in our mini-series on burnout shares the story of an agency marketer who, following her experience of extreme burnout, uses the power of breathwork, meditation and wellbeing to help and prevent burnout in others. 

Abby’s guest is Briony Gunson, mindset coach, wellbeing trainer, meditation teacher and breathworker. Passionate about supporting people in managing stress, anxiety and burnout,  some of Briony’s corporate clients include NHS, EY, Santander, Lloyds bank, We Work and Freemasons. 

In this episode, Briony shares her definition and experience of burnout, listening to your mind and body system, processing trauma, safe spaces, slowing down feeling uncomfortable and power of breathing and techniques. 

Plus her advice for marketers of tomorrow. 

Host: Abigail (Abby) Dixon FCIM/ICF | LinkedIn

Guest: Briony Gunson | LinkedIn

The Whole Marketer podcast is here to support and empower the people behind brands and businesses with the latest technical tools, soft and leadership skills and personal understanding for a fulfilling marketing career and life as a whole. For more info go to 



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