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13 - Jonathan Rauch Says America Should Apologize to Gay People
Episode 1314th March 2024 • Not My Generation • Possibilities, Inc.
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In this episode, Emily and James visit with Jonathan Rauch of the Brookings Institution and Dr. Aaron Bachhofer, professor of history at Rose State College. We discuss Jonathan's recent article in the Atlantic Magazine over the failure of the U.S. to acknowledge and apologize for its mistreatment of members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Jonathan and Aaron provide some history as to what Jonathan calls "America's truest and purest experiment in genuine totalitarianism." They also discuss some of the current efforts by some to push back against the equality gains the LGBTQ+ community has had over the past few decades.

Along the way, we learn of Aaron's affinity for scotch and Jonathan's appreciation for classical music. In addition, Jonathan takes James to the woodshed for indulging in the idea of an independent presidential campaign.

You can read Jonathan's article here:

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