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Jacob Lill on Education Leading to Market Adoption
Episode 3112th February 2019 • Crypto Current • Richard Carthon
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Jacob Lill joins us today to discuss how education leads to market adoption. Jacob has an impressive track record of building sustainable businesses and developing innovative technologies that allow his businesses to have a vast and efficient positive impact.

Jacob’s innovative spirit started at a young age in the alternative medical industry. Jacob quickly became the largest alternative medical provider in Colorado and Nevada, working directly with the state governments to create smarter regulations. After reaching this level of success, he began helping other business leaders in the industry to optimize their operations and increase the value provided to patients.

During his time in the alternative medical industry, he saw a problem and the real needs of end-of-life patients, so he launched a large non-profit cooperative and created a charitable organization dedicated to assisting end-of-life patients with their high medical costs and personal expenses.

After Jacob became interested in the sharing economy, he went on to start a real estate group specializing in alternative housing.  In less than two years, Jacob built and franchised a national brand with over a hundred million dollars of assets under management. 

After spending several years being fascinated by crypto currencies and learning about blockchain technologies, Jacob stepped down from his CEO role to fully engulf himself in everything blockchain. He has focused on building technologies and systems that allow for increased connection and simplified communication.  Jacob is currently involved with many projects in the blockchain space and has fully dedicated his time, resources and skillsets to help these projects bring the benefits of these technologies to the mainstream.

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