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Men: Developing Allies – with Seb Randle
Episode 616th October 2023 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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Seb Randle and I discuss what makes this an important topic... FOR MEN.

Women are great at promoting women, but without men onboard, we hit a glass ceiling. 

But it's not 'all about the women at the expense of men'. 

We need to get beyond stereotypes and look at a more inclusive approach that benefits everyone. 

We discuss the all important question for much of the workforce: What's in it for men?

Every individual in an organisation has a part to play. Every individual benefits.

We also discuss:

  • Barbie
  • Privilege
  • Male Suicide
  • Body Dysmorphia

There are a number of great resources in the show notes.

⁉️ What do YOU do to promote people less privileged than you in your workplace⁉️

More about Seb:

Seb Randle is an ex media strategist and Director, now delivering coaching services to creative businesses across the UK through his people focused consultancy, The Helpful Space. He was the first ever Development Coach at Global Social Media Agency Social Chain, and was more recently hired as the first ever Head of Allyship for Bloom North, a not for profit committee supporting the development of women within the comms industry.

Links to contact Seb:


Seb Randle

The Helpful Space

Instagram: @thehelpfulspace

Resources & References

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Why Allyship Matters: A Lived Example (The Helpful Space, Instagram)

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