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Paul Kaye and Joanne Murphy: Finish line tales
Episode 2215th April 2020 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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The idea of running down the finish chute and crossing the finish line might be hard to imagine at the moment, but listening to Ironman announcers Paul Kaye and Joanne Murphy in this episode will remind you of that finisher line buzz. If you’ve done an Ironman in the UK or Europe, there is a good chance that you will be familiar with their voices, but this episode will bring those voices to life!

Their passion is just what you need to hear to help you through another turbo session, or yet another strength and conditioning workout over Zoom! And their enthusiasm will give you a much-needed reminder of why all of this lockdown training will pay off at some point down the line.

You’ll hear:

* How Paul Kaye got into commentary and announcing.

*Some of the funniest and strangest things they’ve witnessed at a finish line memories

*Why they love their job

*Why Joanne is so passionate about inspiring women into triathlon 

*And those famous words!


British triathlete David McNamee fills us in on Week 5 of lock down in Girona, due to the Coronavirus. This week David tells us in on his first ever virtual Ironman race, which involved running 10km on his 7m balcony.

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