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Prayer 2021 - October 5 - Liar, Hypocrite or Believer pt 1
Episode 2765th October 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture For Today:

Matthew 21:13

“It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’”

Liar, Hypocrite or Believer pt 1

We’ve been talking the past few days about not “conning God” into “giving you stuff.”  That is not the purpose in prayer. Prayer is designed as THE WAY to communicate with God. Kind of like “picking up the telephone” and calling the Throne Room. Amen!

But, prayer is also much more than phoning in your “to go order.”  But that is what most people (and I’m talking Christians here) do with God.  The have the concept that when something is wrong or they are in some kind of need, “Let’s pray!” 

There was a church I was speaking at one time in Texas. They were a small church with maybe 20 people in attendance. I was the guest preacher for a Sunday night church service (which usually means less than the 20 in attendance that come on Sunday mornings). 

As I was walking up from the parking lot, two of the elders were outside, smoking in front of the building. Now, don’t get me going on smoking.  Smoking in front of the church doors, no less. But, as I was walking up, I could tell they were talking about needing a new roof on the church. But they could not afford the price tag. 

Just as I got up to greet them and pass by, one said to the other, “I guess we’ll just have to pray.”  The other man responded, “Has it come to that?” 

These were ELDERS in the church!  

But this type of attitude is rampant in Christian circles! Amen!  

Prayer time should not be “phone in my order” time to God. It should be fellowship time. Time to just bask in the presence of the Creator or all things. I want to share an example with you that I pray will open your eyes to what we have been calling prayer compared to what God would like us to do in prayer.

Many of you have children. Some of you probably have grandchildren. I know I do. I’ve got 7 grand kids. Most are grown up now, the last three are teenagers and will adults in just a few more years. 

I love the time I get to spend with them, talking to them about what their plans are in life. Providing some guidance if asked (sometime even when it’s not asked for – amen).

I’m sure you enjoy spending time with your children and grandchildren as well. 

But what would you think, if every single time they came into the room where you were at, they said, “Daddy, or Momma or Grandpa or Grandma, I need you to buy me a new car; a new computer; I need a new cell phone; I want you to give me $1000 so I can buy new clothes; I want; I want; I want; I want. I need; I need; I need and I want YOU to GIVE IT TO Me! Answer my request, please!  Right now! I want to thank you for it in advance. Goodbye, talk to you tomorrow. You can just send it right on over, OK? 

How would that make you feel – if it happened EVERY SINGLE DAY?  That’s what God experiences with most Christians!  Instead of just coming in and spending time in your presence, not asking for anything – maybe just being WITH YOU is enough.  

If your child or grandchild just came up and sat at your feet, listening to your stories (which is what the Bible is – God’s stories, amen).  Then, they look up in your eyes and say something like, “I love you. I love just being here.” And you can tell they really mean it…

What would YOUR response probably be?  Something along the lines of “What do you need, darlin’?”  Right?  I know that’s what THIS grandpa would do!  

Well, let’s start treating our prayer time the same way. Amen!

I want to pray with you now that you have grasped what I’ve been talking about here. Tomorrow we will take it up here and talk about not being a hypocrite or liar as well. 

Let’s Pray!

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