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Adulting with Ebonie - Ebonie Allard EPISODE 5, 20th February 2020
The One About Calming Your Autonomic Nervous System
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The One About Calming Your Autonomic Nervous System

It’s known that almost all of the body’s functions are controlled by the ANS (autonomic nervous system) - it’s actually around 90% of the body that the ANS innovates.

In this episode, I’m exploring how calming your ANS plays such a huge part in your adulting and who you’re becoming in the world.

Listen on for:

  • An overview of the science behind your autonomic nervous system and how it functions
  • The impact slowing down has on your mood
  • The role your ANS plays in balance, alignment, coherence and everyday life
  • The difference that focusing on this has made to my body image and my life
  • A round-up of activities to help you take better care of your ANS

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