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What I Wish Someone Had Told Me - Part 6: People Are Rooting for Your Recovery
Episode 4615th February 2021 • Anti-Drug Coalition of Tuscarawas County • Get Level Podcast Network
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Part 6 of our "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me" series brings Megan Scharver to the table with Jodi Salvo. Megan works for OhioGuidestone and is the SUD Counselor at River Haven, which is the new name for Harbor House. River Haven is an opportunity for people struggling with addiction.

Megan has been using this series of podcasts to help educate the people she works with about what information they should be passing on to their children. The podcasts have also sparked in-depth conversations about each person's personal story and what role substance abuse has played in their own life.

Understanding our own history with addiction can accomplish multiple things. For starters, it can help change the trajectory of your future and lead to success in recovery. Understanding your past can also equip you to help others avoid entering a dangerous path or step onto a healing path.

One key concept that Megan stresses is having patience with those in recovery. These women and men are fighting a battle, and they're relearning how to live without their addictions. Just as we're patient with those recovering from a broken leg or dislocated disk, we need to be patient with those recovering from addiction.

It's important for the community to understand how addiction changes the brain, and it's also important for those in recovery to know that people in the community are rooting for your success. We all trip on our walk through life, but if we walk together, we can help pick each other up when we fall.

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