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Nanci A Smith - Move from shame and blame. The benefits of collaborative divorce.
12th December 2022 • Resilience Unravelled • Russell Thackeray
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People step out of marriage for different reasons but in Nanci’s experience it’s usually because communication has broken down or people are just not being honest. They don’t feel secure enough to say what they mean and mean what they say. The failure of communication leads to a lack of accountability and people get entrenched into positions of misery and want to blame and point the finger at others. They are just not feeling satisfied but they don't have the emotional training to engage in difficult conversations about important things like Am I happy? Am I satisfied? Am I feeling constricted about money? Am I not feeling fulfilled in my work? If you don't have the capacity for that or take the time to dig deep during a marriage you’re likely to end up at the divorce lawyers. There is a choices – do it yourself, go to mediation or through a collaborative process or go to court and make a public display of all your trauma.

In this podcast:

Nanci explains how the collaborative divorce process works

Why we need to reposition, reconfigure and take feedback

How to use divorce for personal growth and transformational





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