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#296: The Role of Community, Social Consciousness and Neurodiversity in Loyalty.
Episode 2962nd November 2022 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Today's consumers are conscious and connected, and their expectations of brands continues to grow. 

As loyalty marketers, we face the complex challenge of creating emotional loyalty with these highly informed members, and also increasing expectations on finding ways to build powerful environment, sustainability, and governance propositions for our brands, without being accused of greenwashing.

My guest today to help tackle some of these industry challenges is Dr Chris Arnold, former Creative Director and Board member for Saatchi & Saatchi, with strategic expertise working with many of the UK’s top 100 brands.

Dr Chris highlights the role of community in creating loyalty, as well as the incredibly important opportunities available to brands if they consider truly diverse perspectives. 

He shares some astounding insights on the critical role played by people with dyslexia in both entrepreneurial and scientific organisations, and how channelling neuro-diversity is one of the greatest unexplored opportunities for us as marketers and brands in 2022.

Show Notes:

1) Dr Chris Arnold

2) UN Sustainable Development Goals

3) YouGov Website

4) Dyversity Lab

5) Connect 2 Website






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