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Frances Anderton On Humanizing Design and Architecture
Episode 1065th January 2021 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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For the acclaimed writer, producer, and broadcaster Frances Anderton, telling engaging stories is about inspiring people and never leaving them feeling hopeless. Having just left her position of 22 years at KCRW, in this episode we speak with Frances about transition and her history reporting on how design and architecture impact community, politics, and culture. Early in the show, we explore how crises can lead to personal adventure. Reflecting the theme of transition, we discuss positives resulting from how Los Angeles has adapted to the pandemic. We dive into Frances’ work in design and architecture before she opens up about the experience of leaving KCRW. We talk about the challenges that Frances is facing, including the creative problem of whether she should focus on a new direction or continue the work that she’s so well-known for. In the latter part of the episode, we touch on how space can enhance our sense of community, how waste never truly goes away, Frances’ upcoming projects, and expected shifts in the design industry. Tune in to hear Frances’ incredible insights on life, change, and humanizing design and architecture.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Exploring how crises can lead to periods of change. 
  • How Los Angeles outside spaces have been adapted due to the pandemic.   
  • Reflecting on Frances’ work humanizing design and architecture. 
  • Frances talks about the experience of leaving her 22-year post at KCRW.
  • Tracking KCRW’s journey from a small to a large broadcaster.
  • How your organization’s culture changes as it grows. 
  • We discuss what Frances has lost and gained from starting a new chapter in her life. 
  • The importance of recalibrating your life to find what product you want to create. 
  • Why deciding what to do in your life should be made with patience and self-love. 
  • Hear about the projects that Frances has planned. 
  • How living spaces enhance or detract from our sense of community. 
  • Details on Frances’ upcoming show, No Such Place as Away. 
  • Telling stories to inspire and not to depress. 
  • Frances chats about her favorite aspects of working for KCRW.

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