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Dr. DeLacy Davis
Episode 919th December 2023 • Tales From the Collaborative • TCOM Studios
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Dr. Delacy Davis is the Executive Director for the Family Support Organizaton of Union County in Plainfield, NJ, and he serves as Ex Dir for the NJ Alliance of Family Support Organizations. He's a researcher, writer and speaker -- notably to many of our listeners, having delivered the keynote address at the 2021 TCOM Conference. Conference attendees will also recognize him for leading conversations in breakout sessions during subsequent conferences.

I can't recommend highly enough Dr. Davis's interview with host Kristen Cerelli on TCOM's companion podcast, Shift Shift Bloom, available wherever you listen to podcasts. in which Dr. Davis talks at length about his education and career, sharing the challenges, surprises and pivots in his life, that have led him to where he sits today.