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Ep 68: Martin Traub-Werner - Power to the People!
Episode 689th December 2022 • Blunt Dissection • Blunt Dissection
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On today’s show I’m joined by Martin Traub-Werner. 

Martin is the founder and former CEO of Vet Success, a business helping practice owners improve their decisions by taking objective data, sucked from their practice management software, and turning it into meaningful insight.

He holds a BA in Economics and Spanish from York, and a Masters in Industrial and Labour Relations from Cornell. His early career was spent cutting his teeth in the HR department of a global manufacturing organization. He then took a “tour of duty” through the various business departments of both fortune 500 companies and small businesses - gradually learning his craft.

Having served a very handy apprenticeship, Martin began his entrepreneurial journey for real setting up a marketing automation business. A complete fluke conversation caused a pivot into data intelligence and Vet Success was born.

The business grew to a market leading position in data analytics for practices and in January 2021, was acquired by Vetsource. After a year working as the head of Data & Platform Technologies for the company, he moved on to start up his latest venture called VetBooks. 

VetBooks is a book-keeping service looking to democratize timely access and understanding of practice financials.

Martin’s other notable career contributions are as a co-author of Veterinary Practice Management Essentials and he sat as chair of  VetPartners Practice Management Special Interest Group for two years.

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Now, back to the show…

Martin is that most rare of things, a data nerd who also speaks fluent human. He’s not an easy guy to put in a box, indeed it may well be that no-one puts Martin in a box. He’s an entrepreneur for sure and loves solving puzzles. But he’s just as likely to view his team as a puzzle to solve as the problem his business actually exists to solve. And it’s that quality I think that makes him such a stand out as both a leader and human. Well, it’s that or his ability to rock a bow-tie and flat cap combo! 

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about this episode was how short a time we had to record. But what we lacked in time, I'm quite certain we made up for in value. 

So without further ado, sit back and enjoy this conversation with the effervescent Martin Traub-Werner.





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