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No. 015 Darren Rowse Opens Up About the Strategy Behind His New Show
8th July 2015 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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People have been trying to get Darren Rowse to podcast for years. How can the founder of Problogger not have a podcast … right? Now he does. And he joins us for an inside look at the launch strategy behind his long-awaited show.

To start, we take you behind our strategy for conducting a 2-on-1 interview. It can be tricky and often requires planning and organization to do well. (By the way, here’s the exact Google Doc we used to plan this episode and make notes to each other during the interview.)

Then Darren joins us all the way from Melbourne, Australia to let us inside his mind during the week of his podcast launch.

We ask him a number of questions, including:

  • Why did he finally decide to start a podcast?
  • What have been Darren s two biggest challenge in launching a podcast despite all of his experience and the size of his audience?
  • How is he managing the production and publishing process for his 31-episodes-in-31-days launch strategy?
  • Why did Darren design his podcast launch around repurposed content?
  • How did his show’s current sponsorship come about? (And was he always planning on having a sponsor?)
  • Would Darren have fully sponsored his own show (like Rainmaker.FM does) if he had not secured a sponsor?
  • What advice would he share with fellow showrunners who want to follow his model of launching a podcast that has intrinsic, direct, and indirect profitability from the start?
  • And … once the initial daily launch is over, what will the regular schedule be?

As you’d expect, Darren provides thorough and insightful answers.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of interviewing one of our role models when it comes to content creation and online business strategy. We hope you enjoy it too.

After the interview, we spend a few minutes assessing how well we executed our plan for the 2-on-1 interview. Then it’s time for the listener question, which comes from Daniel Bowling and deals with managing files and memory on your computer so that you have room to record without running into untimely errors. (We’ve all been there, and we never want to be there again!)

And this episode’s podcast recommendation should be pretty obvious.

Connect with Darren if you have not already, and learn a lot from one of the pioneers of the industry:

Listen, learn, enjoy …

Listen to The Showrunner below ...

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