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How To Be a Successful Healthcare Startup Platform with Niko Skievaski of Redox
Episode 15th January 2022 • This Week Health: Academy • This Week in Health IT
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Today on Insights. We go back to a conversation Host Bill Russell had with Niko Skievaski the Co-Founder and President of Redox. The topic of discussion was Putting Data to Work in the 21st Century. And Bill sets this up by asking Niko what it takes to create a successful healthcare platform startup.


How To Be a Successful Healthcare Startup Platform with Niko Skievaski of Redox


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And that's largely because in healthcare, the people that are benefiting from your product are usually never the ones who are paying for your product. So you have to convince multiple people across the organization to say yes, and there's probably a hundred people at a big health organization that have to say yes.

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I think the thing that has made Redox successful is avoiding selling to health systems and avoiding trying to become an App store and the reason is, is I don't think that healthcare organizations, these, these big enterprises, they all think that they're very unique.

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And for an App store to be successful, you'd have to reform all of those processes and make it so potentially someone as close to the end user as possible, potentially like an actual end user, like a doctor or nurse could actually purchase software on this App store and implemented it in their systems.

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