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SARK: How To Be A Happy Creator
Episode 1416th June 2022 • Impact the World with Lee Harris • Lee Harris
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Make your creative dreams come true! SARK, a best-selling author, artist, acclaimed teacher and mentor is our special guest. She inspires and uplifts people with all that she offers through her art, words, and loving spirit. 'How to be a happy creator' is the core of SARK's teachings, and she offers transformational practices and processes that significantly empower us creatively.

Originally released in April 2021, this is an encore show. 

In this episode, Lee and SARK explore:

  • How to live a creative life and why we are all artists and creatives. 
  • The importance of asking for what you want, asking again, if needed, or asking differently. 
  • Her early life and how that informed her to do or try everything, so she knew what she didn't want to do.
  • How her imagination, connection to service and humility led her to creating inspirational posters and books. 
  • Dealing with loss and finding love.

To learn more about her work:

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