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The Heart Reset of the 21st Century: Lee Harris
Episode 1726th February 2023 • Impact the World with Lee Harris • Lee Harris
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This episode is taken from Part 4 of Lee's 4-hour video workshop series, Who Are You Becoming? An Exploration of Channeling, Multidimensionality, and the New Human Soul. It is something he was commissioned to create for a subscription-based media network near the end of 2021. After it was filmed, Lee decided to retain the content so he could share it with our Portal members. We hope you enjoy the channeled information from the Z’s which perfectly complements the Conversations with the Z’s book material.

When you join The Portal, the full workshop is one of the many offerings included with your membership. You can find out more about The Portal and receive 1/2 off your first two months of membership here:

The Heart Reset of the 21st Century, features three fascinating channeled messages and a special closing message. The channeled transmissions explore:

  • The Power of Our Relationship with Animals and Pets
  • The Expanding Heart of the Universe - Looking at Our Relationship with Earth 
  • The Highest Octave - Embracing Our Relationship to Oneness 

“What can you do today to put yourself more in your own heart? And what can you do today that might help someone else find, feel or know theirs?”

Running time: 64 minutes