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The Off Grid Agorist - The Off Grid Agorist BONUS EPISODE, 24th December 2020
The Trust: A tool for the Agorist
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The Trust: A tool for the Agorist

This is an interview with Kelly Hohnholtz. Kelly has been using trusts for years to insulate himself from the bureaucracy of the state and to protect his assets from litigation. This episode is packed with useful information for the agorist. As agorists, we can use the trust to navigate around the prying eyes of the state. I mention early in the interview that Kelly and I are in a MeWe group together called Applied Agorism. This group talks about all kinds of techniques and strategies to practice agorism. If you would like to join this group and chat with Kelly or I here's the link. https://mewe.com/join/appliedagorism

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