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What are the best approaches to Analytics in 2020?
Episode 430th April 2020 • The Majestic SEO Podcast •
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On Wednesday 29th April, two generations, with two different sets of perspectives and life experiences, joined Dixon Jones to discuss the best approaches to Analytics in 2020.

The Old Guard:

Dixon JonesBrand Ambassador of Majestic and previously founder of one of the UK’s earliest SEO Consultancies, Receptional, back in 1999.

Annie Cushing, SEO and analytics consultant at, and author of Making Data Sexy.

Jim Sterne, Founder of Marketing Analytics Summit & Digital Analytics Association, and author of Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications.

The New Blood:

Jill Quick, Digital Marketing Trainer and Speaker. Co-founder of The Coloring In Department

Sara Clifton, Founder & CEO of Search Integration and Co-founder of Verified Data.




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