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Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner - Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner EPISODE 7, 18th February 2021
How to Make Managing a Remote Workforce Easier on Yourself

How to Make Managing a Remote Workforce Easier on Yourself


Managing a remote workforce is the new normal and the new management and leadership challenge. In the near term and also the long term. Today’s guest, Tom Libelt, has been living the remote life since before it became a thing. He lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has some valuable tips on best practices on managing a remote workforce.

What You’ll Discover About Managing a Remote Workforce (highlights & transcript):

* The pros and cons of working alone, with a partner, or with employees [4:24]

* How better hiring practices are key to managing a remote workforce [7:29]

* The critical importance of team building when managing a remote workforce [10:56]

* How managing a remote workforce is easier when employees write their own culture [11:55]

* How cultural diversity impacts managing a remote workforce [16:04]

* How micromanaging backfires when managing a remote workforce. [20:05]

* The most important leadership trait for successfully managing a remote workforce [21:22]

Guest: Tom Libelt

Today’s guest Mr Tom Libelt is joining us from beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Tom has had a number of international escapades, he’s a little bit like a “Marketing James Bond” in that as a child he learned how to sell and negotiate through getting haggled by Russian vendors. His family left Poland to escape communism and came to the US. And as immigrants searching for the American Dream he watched them take any job they could just to survive. As a young man that struggle instilled in him a deep desire to never want a traditional job and it led him to forge his own path as an entrepreneur, publisher, salesman, and one of the top Polish hip hop artists.

Today, from his perch in Thailand he runs Smart Brand Marketing and We Market Online Courses. He has published around 5000 Kindle books, built a successful SEO & online course marketing business, and succeeded in numerous other ventures. And what’s remarkable about his successes is that all of these ventures were bootstrapped. None were done with outside funding.

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