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226. Cycle Syncing: Balancing Hormones through Diet & Exercise with Dr. Stephanie Estima
Episode 22613th January 2023 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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Today’s guest is Dr. Stephanie Estima, the founder of Hello Betty, a community centered around female empowerment through health and business coaching. She's a doctor of chiropractic with a special interest in metabolism, body composition, functional neurology, and female physiology.

She’s also the author of the Betty Body where she shares her proven strategies to help women jumpstart and calibrate their metabolism, revive their libidos, rest guilt free, and elevate their emotional wellbeing.

Dr. Stephanie's mission is to empower women on a global scale to be the best versions of themselves, both physically and emotionally through the power of easily accessible female health education. She’s a bright and clear voice for positivity online, a much needed ingredient to our digital experiences, and I'm so excited to have her on the podcast today.

We also cover…

00:01:37 — Dr. Stephanie’s Inspiration Story

  • Getting her undergraduate degree in neuroscience and psychology
  • Step queen and Tae Bo(!)
  • Learning to make informed decisions around nutrition
  • Syncing  keto with women’s hormone cycles 
  • Value of long term metabolic flexibility 
  • Important psychological elements of dieting 
  • Having grace for your motherhood journey 

00:15:05 — Deep Dive on Ketogenic Dieting

00:33:30 — Syncing with Your Cycle

  • Understanding your cervical fluid
  • Debunking pregnancy myths
  • Chemistry class on hormone activity 
  • Harnessing the sacred energy present during ovulation
  • Shifting your diet throughout your cycle
  • Preservation of muscle mass 
  • How hunger and metabolism change throughout your cycle

00:47:10 — Prioritizing Protein & Weightlifting 

  • Dismantling diet culture myths
  • Lifting heavy = The best thing you can do
  • Growing mental fortitude at the gym
  • Improving glucose regulation through weight lifting
  • Aging with power and grace 
  • Your body wants to heal
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