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Men of Abundance - Wally Carmichael EPISODE 291, 29th October 2019
Relieving the Fear of Talking to Your CPA. In Fact, Let’s Make it Fun – with Brent McClure

Relieving the Fear of Talking to Your CPA. In Fact, Let’s Make it Fun – with Brent McClure

If the thought of talking to your CPA each year scares your pants off, this is a must listen for you. I promise, it will be less scary. And more importantly, it will relieve the fear from now on. As long as you listen and take action. 

Meet our Feature Guest 

Brent McClure is not a typical CPA. He is a visionary, a change agent, and paradigm breaker for the business world. Brent was raised in the family business and took a love of business from an early age and turned it into his future.

A results-oriented Senior Executive, Public Speaker, and Consultant with more than 20 years of success, Brent crosses many business verticals. Brent leverages his extensive experience to help businesses improve profitability, increase capacity, develop overall sustainability, as well as challenge often outdated assumptions. Combined, this provides the gateway for a greatly enhanced overall return.

Connect with our Guest

Would you like to have a 30 minute conversation with Wally about:

  • Living a life of abundance
  • Paying it forward in your community, family, business
  • Being Grateful for what you have in your life on your way to more
  • Greatly increasing revenue in your business over the next 12 months and beyond

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How to Unlock $100,000 in Hidden Revenue

 No BS, there is literally $50,000 to $100,000 in hidden annual revenue in your business that you can unlock just by knowing the answers to five questions.

5 Questions to Unlock Hidden Revenue in Your Business:

1 - Do your marketing messages follow the Conversion Equation of Interrupt, Engage, Educate, and Offer? This is the magic formula to generating leads without spending more on marketing.

2 - Does your marketing follow the Buyer's Journey of Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent, Evaluation, Purchase and move prospects down a sales funnel?

3 - Would you like fries with that? Do you have a process in place for increasing the number of transactions per client?

4 - Do you charge hourly rates or flat fees or are you making irresistible offers using BundledPricing Strategies?

5 - Do you take advantage of systems, technology, and tools to put your marketing on autopilot and increase profitability?


Unlock $50,000 to $100,000 in hidden annual revenue in your business.

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