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Personal Values
Episode 8119th May 2022 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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Whenever I’m running a senior level leadership programme or working with a new one-to-one client, I always begin by helping them to get really clear on their core values. Why? Because these are the things that underpin everything we do.

In today's solo episode, I share how to identify your core values and how to be consistent with them. With better awareness, we can make better decisions. And better decisions lead to better outcomes. This is the level of clarity I’d like to help you achieve and one of the first, simple steps you can take on this journey is to download my free 12-page values toolkit I mentioned earlier. The link is at the bottom of the show notes for you.

This is part of the solo series of The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast. I’ve designed it to give you the practical tools, tactics and insights around a specific facet of leadership to help you on that journey. It’s my gift to you and it’s absolutely free. 

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