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#446: Understanding Loyalty in Ireland & The European Loyalty White Paper
Episode 44618th October 2023 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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This episode focuses on the loyalty market in Ireland, featuring expert insights from Leanne Papaioannou.

Leanne is the Founder and CEO of Chilli Pepper. She has extensive loyalty experience and is deeply passionate about every aspect of a business that impacts customer loyalty and drives better commercial outcomes for her clients.

She is an internationally renowned customer loyalty professional who has helped countless forward-thinking companies achieve new heights by adopting her customer-centric B2C & B2B loyalty strategies.

Her strengths lie in innovative strategic thinking, exceptional leadership skills, and an ability to work with company boards to deliver commercially successful, award-winning, loyalty strategies.

She is a new contributor to the extended European Loyalty White Paper created by Mando Connect in partnership with YouGov, which explores loyalty membership, appeal and impact across 24 European Markets.

Listen to learn some key loyalty insights and about loyalty innovation in Ireland.

Hosted by Charlie Hills. 

Show Notes :

1) Leanne Papaioannou

2) European Loyalty Whitepaper

3) Mando Connect 

4) YouGov

5) ⁠Chilli Pepper





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