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The Family Business Podcast - Russ Haworth EPISODE 8, 9th August 2021
Sustainable Philanthropy

Sustainable Philanthropy

On this weeks episode we round off our series on sustainability with a discussion with Rennie Hoare, Partner and Head of Philanthropy at C. Hoare & Co. a Private Bank here in the UK, as well as discussing the history of the family business, and how Rennie became a Partner in the business we look at some of the emerging trends in philanthropy and in particular "sustainable philanthropy".

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The podcast is entirely self-funded by me. I am not looking for sympathy as it is something that I love to do and I have a passion for providing great content for family businesses across the world. Some listeners have asked for ways in which they can support the show, be that through reviews, sharing with friends or a donation. As such I have set up a page that outlines all the ways that you can support what I am doing.


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