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S1 E4 - Move from 1:1 Hourly Rates to Packaged Pricing with Marika Austin
Episode 42nd March 2021 • OTs Get Paid Podcast • Trish Williams
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In this episode, we highlight Marika Austin and how she shifted from hourly pricing to packaged pricing in her pediatric service-based business. Want the nitty gritty on how she moved from time for money to a retainer structure? Listen up and hear how Marika gets paid!


Episode Notes

Marika and I discuss:

  • What prompted her to revisit her pricing model from hourly 1:1 sessions to packaged pricing?

  • How she uses Google Classroom to offer more value to her clients

  • How she uniquely solved her clinic cancellation issue?

  • The next step to solve the resentment that occurs when we OT's give away our time for free

  • What did Marika use to charge hourly and what is she pricing her packages now?

  • Does every Enneagram 2 avoid conflict? (And, do we get scared to open potentially scary emails? )

  • How to transition clients from one rate to a new package system - eep!

  • What is an anchor price and how should you price it?

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