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11. Using IT to Improve Your Business Health
Episode 117th June 2023 • Dollars and Data: Smart Solutions For Business • William Cole Smith
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How can I grow my business? And how can I protect my business by ensuring that my computers are running smoothly so that I can do my finances, marketing, communication, and everything else properly? Cole Smith is back, with more technology for business owners to think about. 

This week we’re focusing on the overall health of your business and putting together an infrastructure plan for your business operations that involves your IT. What can a management service provider give you? How much ‘added value’ can a business advisor then bring?  

What is your internet speed? What does your network even look like? Are you still relying on cables, or is your team wireless? 

Being able to work remotely, or set up an office quickly, relies on setting up your connectivity quickly. From your smart TVs and handheld devices to your computers and printers, they all need to work together in a harmonious efficiency so you can focus on growing your business. 

How you answer all these tricky questions is covered in this high-speed connectivity episode of Dollars & Data. Peace of mind awaits. Please join us. 

"The infrastructure to your business is your key to success." ~ William "Cole" Smith

In This Episode:

- What does business infrastructure actually mean in terms of IT? 

- What is an MSP? Do I also need a business advisor? 

- Evaluating the infrastructure in technology

- Looking at ways to monetize your business with a smart IT business assessment

- Using office TVs to communicate your business brand

- Evaluating your computer network for cyber security vulnerabilities

- What software are you using to complement your IT hardware?

And so much more!

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