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Chapter 91. When Dave had that look, I knew I was in trouble.
Episode 9131st January 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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The second half of the Marbles chat with Dave Meegan this week. As usual he doesn’t disappoint.

After the general discussion of last week, we target (laser-like) in on Ocean Cloud, Fantastic Place & Neverland for a more detailed memory prod. Of course that means reliving those four Neverland verse chords, and a progression so close to perfection that we nearly played them forever.

And before I forget DM wanted me to give a shout-out to Mike H and recognise all that he contributed to the Marbles story (particularly at the end when it all got a bit unnecessary).

The diary takes me to Aziz Ibrahim's place in Manchester, for knocked-through terraces, home made curries, tabla machines and guitars that think they are synthesisers. And then Ant & I make ourselves look like a right pair of Johnsons by having no idea what had been in the diary reading - well what do you expect by now?

Love, chordal perfection, ocean-rowing, and may your marbles remain in your possession.