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#142: How To Have Peak Performance Habits with Andrea Freeman
Episode 14227th October 2021 • Money Boss Parent • Anna Sergunina
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Never ending to-do lists seem to be the norm but what if they don’t have to be? What if you could learn to focus your energy and efforts and start winning your days?

Andrea is here to chat with us about that. Today we are chatting about how you can start winning those days. We chat about what it mean to have peak performance and how that can be different for everyone. Andrea explains that she feels like peak performance is being able to show up, no matter what circumstance, challenging yourself and using your creative gifts, without feeling depleted at the end of it.

She explains we so often feel like we have to check everything off of the to-do list and sometimes that’s how success starts to look to us. If we threw this to-do list model out and really focus our efforts on being in our lives modeled around her “Host Your Life” method, we may find that we feel more fulfilled.

In the “Host Your Life” method, Andrea explains that there are 2 ways that you can be in your life and business and that is - as the guest or as the host. As the guest, just like as a guest at a party, you don’t really get to have a say about who’s invited or the food that’s served or what music is playing. You are just taking what is offered. She explains that this is like when life is happening and you’re responding in the moment but you’re very much at the effect of the circumstances.

Whereas, as the host, you have a say in everything. You get to create something that is yours, something that truly represents who you are, your core values, and what matters most to you. Being the host of your life means, Honor your why, Owning who you are, Shifting your perspective, and Taking inspired action. If you are feeling off or overwhelmed, ask yourself, “Where am I hosting? Where am I not? What do I need to shift? What would pull me out of this way of being if I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed and call me forward to be the best version of myself?”

Andrea explains that sometimes it is about how much time do we have to focus on a project each day? She explains that we should put one thing on our list that we want to get done to be able to move forward and focus on how long that realistically is going to take and when we focus that amount of time that we promised, we end up feeling satisfied. She further explains how important it is to always leave space for interruptions and to carve out time where we’re not panning to do anything so that we have rest and recovery before you jump into the next thing.

We chat about what can help you be at the highest level of performance. Andrea explains that is usually someone who is conscious and intentional about making sure that their daily routine nourishes them. There are different ways to do this and it varies from person to person. It can look like prayer, mediation, affirmations, exercise, journaling etc. All of this is part of the mind-body integration.

Above all else, Andrea reminds us that it’s so important that we are being loving, nurturing, dynamic, funny in all areas of your life - not just at work or at home. It takes committed effort to doing only the things that help you feel centered so you can convey that in all parts of your life.


  • Peak performance
  • Ditching the to-list
  • “H.O.S.T. your life” method
  • How to make sure you are incorporating a mind-body routine in your life to be at your highest level of performance




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