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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 24th February 2019
77: Chemical and Electrical Engineer with some great insights – Stephanie Chin
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77: Chemical and Electrical Engineer with some great insights – Stephanie Chin

Stephanie Chin earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Southern California and is an engineer at Intel focusing on Yield Analysis.

[0:55] How can you go from Chemical Engineering into Electrical Engineering?

[2:35] Goes a bit into what NanoTechnology is – study of materials at a very small particles.

[3:32] Discuss a bit about yield analysis – this requires knowledge of chemical processing and materials. Looks at the overall production using data. Works with people with Physics, electrical, material, and chemical engineering disciplines, it is a pretty diverse field.

[8:20] what has Stephanie fired up, it’s chemistry.

[9:06] Chemical Engineering or Chemistry, what would Stephanie recommend? – the million dollar question, are you more interested in being in the lab, then maybe Chemistry vs Chemical Engineering, bringing knowledge of chemistry to an application. There is more math in Chemical Engineering than in Chemistry.

[11:20] Her first internship was an ah-ha moment that not all industries are the same, the general way of approaching a problem can be different. So you need to see if you will fit into that industry.

[15:10] Advice for getting through college – Explore and try to do some research and industry experience.

[16:50] Attributes to be successful after college – need to master time management, not just for work but yourself and your family.

[18:25] Best advice-is to mentor others, you always have something to share. And a personal habit for success is self-reflection, but do not turn into self-doubt. And a book she recommends is “Educated” by Tera Westover.

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