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Ablation on the Rocks
Episode 322nd March 2021 • Giant Cocktails: A San Francisco Giants Baseball Podcast • Ben Henry and Matthew Henry
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Three episodes? Folks, we might have a podcast on our hands. Today our drinkers are talking defense, the starting rotation, and horrible sounding surgeries. Also, Ben and Matthew have their first shouting match. Will Gabe Kapler be serving crow sandwiches? Is "trade bait" a slur? Can you finish a full episode without falling asleep? Listen now to find out!

0:31 - Smooth one, Ben. Smooth one.

1:21 - Matthew is drinking a "Limoncello Mule"

2:34 - Ben is drinking a "Whiskey Sour"

5:06 - Ben is not trying at all

7:01 - The best defense is hitting the snot out of the ball

11:45 - Wilmer and his invisible Technicolor glove

14:30 - Kapler makes a mess with his toys

15:21 - Crow sandwiches for everyone!

17:48 - The defense is gonna be Ruf and Dickerson out there

20:05 - Ablation isn't torture, it just sounds like it

26:50 - Matthew is a cold hearted monster

28:45 - Matthew isn't prepared

31:51 - Madison Bumgarner makes an appearance

34:18 - Positive trade bait, man!

36:30 - The 2013 Astros were not as bad as Ben implies, they only lost 111 games

37:58 - Wow, Ben is really going this time

39:21 - Goodbye, pitchers who rake

41:51 - No one misses loogies

47:19 - Sleep soundly sweet listener, we'll see you next week