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The Plumber Who Turned His Life Around - Curtis Hancock
Episode 1191st May 2024 • The Profitable Tradie Podcast • Tony Fraser-Jones
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You’ve just finished an excruciating 12-hour day on the tools.  

It seems that every day for the last year or so has been like this. 

And you’re not sure when this will end and when life will get better. 

You get back home and your wife asks, “hey honey, how was your day?” 

And you say the same thing you say everyday: 

“It was good... How was yours?” 

Curtis Hancock felt like that for 20 years. 

Eventually it was time to make a change. 

And what a change he made... 

He improved his pricing & systems which meant that every job had a higher profit margin.  

And with increasing his revenue by 51% last year, that means he’s taking home a heap more money. 

He improved the sales & marketing process. 

Working IN the business is now a thing of the past. 

This year he’s planning trips to Jamaica, Wyoming, Montana & Hawaii. 

Time off like that would’ve tanked his business a few years ago. 

And finally, he has his sons working in the business now.  

Meaning he has his options open when it comes to selling vs succession.  

I had to ask Curtis how he manage to turn his fortunes around. 

So I invited him as a special guest on my podcast. 


  1. What to do if you've been stuck with your business for a long time 
  2. A break down of the pricing strategy that boosted his profitability. 
  3. Discover how Curtis Systemized his business to make it less reliant on him 


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