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Episode 342 – Kiss My ***tList
Episode 3424th October 2021 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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In this episode we file through the first three Kiss Studio

Albums and pick the worst song… or the skipper, from each. Each is peppered

with some Kiss trivia, our personal discoveries of the band, and some rumors

about each.

(13:04) Kiss

(29:12) Hotter Than Hell

(46:00) Dressed To Kill

This episode was spurred on by a rejuvenation into Kiss

spurred on by the Shout It Out Loudcast. Their unequivocal enthusiasm for the

band spurred this idea and brought Danny back for a guest spot on the show.

Thanks, guys!


Danny Roy is a Kiss fan, plays in a cover band called the

Love Guns (as their Gene Simmons) and is also a luthier. You can check out a

promo clip here:

@sioloudcast #kiss #hotterthanhell #dressedtokill


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