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How to Plan, Start & Grow a Property Management Business with Leanne Abriani Jensen
Episode 3522nd November 2022 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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Starting your own business can be full of fear, anxiety, and overwhelm. Take it from our host, Kylie, who started two businesses from scratch without any experience. Leaving a stable and well-paying job to start something on your own or something new often triggers limiting beliefs or imposter syndrome. But what if someone offers you guidance? Who can you turn to?

In today's episode, Kylie speaks with Leanne Abriani Jensen; a former Google employee turned business owner. She gained her expertise working in the Silicon Valley start-up and Google scenes. Leanne applied the principles she learned from Google in building her business, Start Rethinking. Now she helps others who are planning to jump into entrepreneurship. If you want to do it but are terrified, Leanne can help you with everything you need to plan, start, and grow a property management business. So don't miss this great episode.

“You often find that business and life are very closely interlinked. If one thing isn't working well, it affects the other and vice versa.”

- Leanne Abriani Jensen

In This Episode:

- Meet Leanne Abriani Jensen, a former Google employee turned business owner

- Kylie shares how she started her businesses, the challenges and tradeoffs she had to make, and why it is all worth it

- What is it like working in Silicon Valley and the principles Leanne learned from Google that she applied in her own business 

- Where do you start, and what steps do you take to build your own property management business? Leanne shares her top 3 advice

- What does working with Leanne involve? 

- The biggest fear of someone wanting to start their own business

- What services does Leanne's company offer? 

- How to balance your responsibilities as a mum and a business owner

- Leanne's recommended resources for personal development

- And more!!!


- How I Built This with Guy Raz

- Listen to the PM Collective - Supporting Happy Property Managers

- The Growth School

- Join the Digital Marketing School

- Book a Strategy Call

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