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The power of data marketplaces in the digital age with Jay Bhankharia, Databricks
7th June 2023 • Data Citizens Dialogues • Collibra
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Discover the fascinating world of data marketplaces and unlock the potential of monetizing your organization's data in our conversation with Jay Bhankharia, a Senior Director at Databricks. Jay shares his expertise on how data marketplaces connect buyers and sellers of data assets and discusses the role of Language Learning Models (LLMs) in enhancing the user experience and aiding data providers in sharing and selling data more effectively.

In this episode, we’ll explore the increasing importance of data marketplaces for businesses in the digital age, highlighting a Gartner study that states that companies who collaborate and share data have three times better economic outcomes than those that don't. Learn how data marketplaces offer an open platform for customers to access data from multiple vendors, transferring it into their own tools and platforms with ease. We also touch on the impact of controls in data marketplaces to ensure data products are user-friendly and easy to purchase, and the exciting advancements in technology that have enabled companies to access and use data more efficiently, such as cloud computing, data science, and governance and access controls. Don't miss our conversation on the future of data marketplaces and how they're becoming a key component of business success.


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