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Open Source Leader Series: How to Grow, Support & Fund Your Open Source Project - with Marijn Haverbeke - Pt. 1
Episode 452nd March 2021 • Tag1 Team Talks | The Tag1 Consulting Podcast • Tag1 Consulting, Inc.
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While many open source projects are successful due in part to their large contributor base, not all projects work best that way; other project leaders prefer to keep contributions from others tightly controlled. Depending on the use cases, either method can work well. For CodeMirror and ProseMirror, a tightly controlled code base is part of the culture of the project. 

Tag1 Managing Director Michael Meyers, Vice President of Software Development Fabian Franz, and Yjs creator Kevin Jahns talk with Marijn Haverbeke, founder of the CodeMirror, ProseMirror and Acorn projects to talk about how those projects got started and how they’re being developed today. They’ll also talk about how being early into a space, and how becoming a name you can trust helps further later projects.