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Filing Your VA Claim with Jose Nicola
Episode 318th January 2021 • Get 2 Vet • Trevor Maxwell
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Mike and Trevor discuss the process of filing your VA claim with Jose Nicola, a Recovery Care Coordinator with the Navy Wounded Warrior Safe Harbor Foundation.

Right after ensuring your DD-214 is correct, filing your VA disability claim is probably the most important thing you will do during your transition out of the military.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a stigma about not only what to put on a VA claim, but whether or not you should even file one at all.

The attitude of "I don't wanna be that person" could present an opportunity cost that's much larger than you may realize, and while you can change it later on, it is a very difficult process.

We're going to discuss the importance of getting it done right the first, as well as some reference materials and resources that can help you get your claim started and submitted.

Aside from the compensation, getting a VA disability rating allows you access to the VA Health Care system, and could potentially qualify you for additional benefits from the state you live in with regards to taxes, education, career services, and several other programs specifically for disabled veterans.

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