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Taking Advantage of Dark Social and the Dark Funnel
Episode 38th February 2022 • Demand Gen U •
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How can you measure the impact of unmeasurable leads and tactics? Dark social and the dark funnel are hard to both define and measure, but they could be a significant part of your leads and conversions.

Jason Widup, VP of Marketing, and Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing at Metadata, explore the concept of dark social and the dark funnel and what you need to know about them. 

Find out:

  • What dark social and the dark funnel mean
  • Why brands should focus on building trust and relationships
  • How Metadata nurtures potential customers

Watch the full session to learn more about harnessing the power of dark social and the dark funnel.

  • 0:00 – 1:07 Introduction
  • 0:40 – 2:27 How to get clear on your ICP
  • 2:27 – 8:23 The easiest ways to define your ICP
  • 8:23 – 10:33 How to analyze your customer data
  • 10:34 – 12:51 Why you should focus on the people to help identify your ICP
  • 12:52 – 16:03 How to find customers that are a good fit based on the tools they already use
  • 16:03 – 19:28 Looking at customer intent data sources
  • 19:28 – 25:01 Why you need to find unique sources of data
  • 25:02 – 28:27 What to do if you don’t know your ICP yet
  • 28:27 – 32:58 How to start testing ICPs
  • 32:59 – 35:50 How important audience size is
  • 35:51 – 37:10 Roundup

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