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34. The 3 Commitments Required for Extraordinary Results
Episode 341st May 2017 • The ONE Thing • Nova Media
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Have you ever read a book, taken a course, or attended a seminar... and then done nothing with what you learned? Too often, we learn something that can transform our businesses or our lives, but we fail to take action because we lack commitment. Last time Chad Hyams was on the show, he shared how living The ONE Thing allowed him to transform into his best self – and it all starts with the 3 Commitments.    

The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

Do you need more accountability or support? Behind the scenes, we're having conversations about The ONE Thing coaching – but we're only going to move forward if you think it will bring value. Text "ACCOUNTABILITY" to 33444 if you believe The ONE Thing coaching will add value to your life.  

In this episode you will learn...

  • [2:20] The ONE thing you need to do if you want to master anything.
  • [6:18] How your mindset can block you from going down the road to mastery.
  • [9:40] How to break through the ceiling of achievement (with a choice).
  • [18:30] What it means to be accountable to yourself.
  • [22:50] How you can be 76.7% more likely to accomplish any goal.  


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  • [FREE Training] How to Start Time Blocking TODAY!  

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