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Arthurian legend meets queer YA romance with Lex Croucher
Episode 1025th May 2023 • Better Words • Michelle Gately & Caitlin Toohey
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Lex Croucher grew up in Surrey, reading a lot of books and making friends with strangers on the internet, and now lives in London with an elderly cat. With a background in social media, Lex now writes historical-ish rom-coms for adults (Reputation, Infamous) and historical fantasy rom-coms for teenagers. We're discussing their debut YA novel, Gwen and Art Are Not in Love.

Our interview begins at  34:00

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Mini book club: Fish Out of Water

We are going full spoilers with this book because we found it quite problematic and wanted to fully discuss our thoughts.

The blurb makes it sound like swimmer Finn may be questioning his sexuality, but the book takes a dark turn into emotional abuse and coercive control with no thorough questioning representation and a problematic ending.

*We read copies provided by Text Publishing for review.

In this interview, we chat about:

  • What is 'authentic historical fiction'? Why Gwen and Art is a blend of fantasy and history
  • The difference between writing Regency romance and Gwen and Art
  • Cover art to drool over – including a special edition proof with scratch-off gold foil heart
  • Why Lex sought comfort in reading and writing queer YA during London lockdowns
  • An overview of Trouble – which basically asks 'what if Maria in Sound of Music was coming to the house with nefarious intentions'
  • The beauty of 'unlikeable' protagonists
  • The madness of having two books released within months of each other
  • Lex's journey to publication (both non-fiction and fiction) and what it takes to make money as an author

Books and other things mentioned:

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Gwen and Art Are Not in Love is available in Australia and the UK now. Trouble will be released in July.

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