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Are You a Cheerleader or a Detective?
Episode 165th March 2021 • The Mindset Coach • Lara Young
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Understanding how your clients behave is important when helping them to achieve the results that they desire. But to step up and truly be the best coach you can be, you also need to understand your own behaviour.

As coaches, we use many tools to gain insights into our clients’ behaviours. You might think about where they sit on behavioural continuums to find out what makes them tick. But have you ever thought about looking at your own coaching behaviour in this way?

This got me thinking­ – if there was a behaviour continuum for coaches, what would be at either end of the spectrum? I think it’s obvious. At one end, you have the enthusiastic, supportive ‘coach as cheerleader’, and at the other, you have the questioning, fact-finding ‘coach as detective’.

In this episode of The Mindset Coach, I dive into what it means to be at either end of this spectrum. I talk about what cheerleader coaches bring to the table and why clients often seek out the detective. I also share where you need to sit on this continuum to be the best coach that you can be.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How behavioural continuums offer you a deeper understanding of yourself and your clients
  • Where your coaching behaviour sits on a spectrum of cheerleader to detective
  • The key differences between a cheerleader coach and a detective coach
  • Which approach is more likely to achieve results
  • What people are looking for when they come to coaching
  • What causes coaching to fail
  • How to develop your coaching behaviour to be the best coach you can be


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