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"I felt like I was guided here."
Episode 72nd September 2021 • Casting Light • Guiding Light
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Jeremy walked through the doors of Guiding Light over four years ago after finally deciding he had to do something different after decades of living with a crippling addiction to heroin. Although he had acquired a large inheritance in his youth he found himself with nothing to show for it in short order. “I showed up on the doorstep here as a young man that had just squandered three-hundred thousand dollars. I had a quarter to my name and a duffel bag…I had very little hope or a plan.” Things began to turn around for Jeremy after being accepted into the Guiding Light Recovery program and he began to see the potential for a better life. “I started to get into a kind of flow here and I became excited about being here and what they were able to provide me as far as services and directions of that nature.” Today, Jeremy has been sober for the longest amount of time since he was 15 years old, and believes that something bigger than himself is the reason he is alive today and that he was “guided here by my Higher Power.”