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Dial M for Magic - Jordan Fugitt & Henry Rogland EPISODE 2, 24th June 2021
Stable Mabel
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Stable Mabel

We return to New Bastilon to find trouble at the home of our heroes. Mysterious strangers, strange requests and a whole lot more are in store this week for Red, Kitty, Treble, and Herman.

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Herman Cranberry-Nathan Pearce @Rez_Dev_Nate

Red-Dan Rogland @DanRogland

Katrina "Kitty" Bradley-Bobbi Kupfner @moontsunami

Treble-Jordan Fugitt @fugitt_jordan

Dungeon Master-Henry Rogland @HenryRogland


Done by: Ashley Meissner-Teran @Ashanimus


Done by: Alex Hills https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwcA1NqWjVPrquUxJQxAXjw/featured

Special Thanks to Eric and Debbie Fugitt