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F*ck Your Feelings w/ Ryan Munsey
Episode 178th September 2021 • Traumagility • Hayley Adams, CMHC, LPC, CCTP
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Ryan Munsey, author of F*ck Your Feelings, co-host of The Better Human Project Podcast, and co-creator of Fuel the Pursuit joins us in this episode where we focus on the discussion of tools and science-backed principles of healing. F*ck Your Feelings is a neuroscience-based exploration of why some people succeed and others do not. It combines the latest research and science with the real-world practices of high performers to deliver an engaging, informative user's manual that helps us understand the space between our ears. Packed with actionable tools, F*ck Your Feelings arms us with the ability to master our minds, end doubt, accomplish anything, and become the ultimate version of ourselves.

The author of F*ck Your Feelings and co-founder of The Better Human Project, Ryan Munsey is a sought-after thought leader who specializes in high performance and the development of both individuals and organizations.

An athlete and aspiring Wilderness Wizard, Ryan personally coaches Olympic and professional athletes, Special Forces Operators, Hollywood celebrities, and leading entrepreneurs and C-Level executives while speaking and hosting leadership workshops around the world. 

A lifelong athlete obsessed with elite human performance, Ryan has a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Clemson University. After college Ryan parlayed his bodybuilding interest into fitness and fashion modeling in New York City, where he also began his career as a nutritionist and personal trainer, helping actors, designers and other models achieve their fitness goals.

In 2012 he opened his own performance training facility, House Of Strength in his hometown of Roanoke, Virginia. HOS quickly became a leader on the local and global level, helping dozens of athletes earn college scholarships while also contributing to leading national and international publications like Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, T-Nation and EliteFTS.

In the last few years Ryan has worked closely with renowned scientists, researchers, Navy SEALs, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, Olympic and professional athletes to unlock the secrets of high performance individuals and teams. During that time time he’s hosted 2 top-rated podcasts in the health and wellness space, most recently co-founding the Better Human Project with Ryland Hormel and Josh Crowther.

His book, F*ck Your Feelings, synthesizes his first decade of knowledge and experience into a neuroscience-based exploration of high performance and success.


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