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Marketing That Converts - Teresa Heath-Wareing EPISODE 110, 23rd March 2020
How To Use Lead Magnets To Build Your Email List (No Matter What Your Business Sells)
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How To Use Lead Magnets To Build Your Email List (No Matter What Your Business Sells)

This week we’re going to be talking about one of my favourite topics - lead magnets. Although this is something that I have covered on the podcast before, it was an incredible 108 episodes ago and, in that time, things have definitely changed. Not only that but having just finished a list building challenge, I thought now would be the perfect time to revisit the topic with both new and existing listeners.

Key Takeaways Covered in the Podcast

·      A lead magnet is when you are offering something to ideal customer that they will want and in return, they will give you their email address.

·      If you’re in the knowledge industry, you can give away guides, checklists, a video series, tool kits, reports, mini courses, digital downloads, e-books or free trials.

·      If you’re in an industry that requires you to sell a product, you can give away offers, discounts and competitions. You may also want to consider using your knowledge in the industry in which you sell a product and instead, give that away instead. Whether it’s a how-to or a guide, you can give away valuable information you have learnt throughout your time in the industry.

·      If you are running a competition, you need to think about how you’re going to make it only appeal to your ideal customer. After all, you don’t want people on your list is they’re not your customer.

·      If you’re promoting to an audience that don’t know you well, you need to think about how likely they are going to invest time in you. Because of this, you should keep your lead magnet short and sweet when you’re first starting off.

·      Your lead magnet needs to be low investment for those that download it.

·      When you create your landing page, you need to keep the questions to a minimum. A name and email form are all you need.

·      Your lead magnet needs to answer your customers pain point and needs to show that you’re an expert.

·      Make sure what your offering is good. If it’s not, those that download your lead magnet will be disappointed and are unlikely going to become customers.

·      If you have a podcast or a blog, you may want to consider offering content upgrades.

·      Once you have created your lead magnet, you need to post it as many times as you can online. Post it on social media, put a banner on your website and write it in your email signature.

One thing you need to remember above all else…

One of the main reasons to use lead magnets is to get people to sign up to your email list, as it’s important you’re building this in any way that you can. On top of that, but it allows you to start building a relationship with a potential new customer.

Highlights you Simply Can’t Miss

·      What Is A Lead Magnet and Why Should You Use Them? – 5:00

·      What Should You Give Away as A Lead Magnet? - 9:00

·      Promoting Your Lead Magnet - 14:18

·      Things to Think About When Creating Your Lead Magnet – 16:40

·      Content Upgrades – 20:19

·      Getting People to Sign Up For Your Lead Magnet – 22:45